Top entry litter box

Your cats will love you it you have a top entry Litter boxes in various locations at precisely the same moment. Pick places where your cat can see who’s coming from any sides which are not endorsed by walls. These places also need to have many escape routes so that your kitty can quickly depart her litter box when she feels anxious. If at all possible, be sure children or other creatures who may seem threatening for the kitty can not get near her litter box. That’s somewhat different from the clutter from the boxes that your cat averts. If you have been utilizing scented litter, attempt unscented litter. Additionally, leave Toys and treats for her to locate and revel in the overall area resulting in her box. Do not place her food bowl near the table, however, since cats generally don’t want to get rid of near their meals. If you want to get more happy to your cats, you must have at least 2 top entry litter box.

 If You’ve Got a long-haired cat, then attempt carefully and lightly Cutting the hair on her hind end, in case you detect it has soiled or matted through removal. Matting can get the hair to become pulled while the kitty eliminates.Top entry litter box is fits with long-haired cat also.

Remedy for Household Stress

 Cats occasionally stop using their litter boxes whenever they feel stressed. For example, maintain her food bowls complete and at precisely the same region, keep her regular as predictable as possible, stop the dog from pursuing her, shut blinds on windows and doors so that she is not upset by cats out. If you can not remove sources of anxiety, try to lose them.

IRIS Top Entry Litter box
IRIS Top Entry Litter box

 Occasionally an elimination problem can grow as a result of Battle between cats that reside together. Though the dye does not typically stain carpets, it causes urine to shine blue under ultraviolet light for approximately 24 hours. If you can not get or use fluorescein, then you can temporarily confine your cat, one at a time, to ascertain which is eliminating outside the litter boxes in your property.

 If There’s a battle between your cats and a few of these Appears stressed, provide extra litter boxes in places where the nervous cat spends most her time. Also, make sure you supply adequate resting spots for every cat. It may be very beneficial in multi-cat families to make vertical resting stains on shelves or window sills or by merely purchasing multi-perch cat trees. It could help to distribute resources like water, food, cat articles or trees, and litter boxes so that every individual cat can use them without coming into contact or using a battle with one of those other cats. Utilizing artificial pheromone sprays or diffusers can decrease overall social anxiety on your household.


 Always consult with your vet or a veterinary Behaviorist before committing your cat any medicine for a behavior problem. Because litter box can also making behaviour to it.

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